The 4 Things Search Engine Optimization Services Highlight on Your Website

No matter what kind of website you decide to launch, it’s important that you understand relevancy. You don’t just want to set up a site and forget it, you need to ensure that it’s optimized for the future.

alnjasqWithout this attention to details, you will end up with a pretty site and no one looking at it. You want to get the most attention that you can, which requires you to look into search engine optimization services that may be able to get you past the muck and the competition that is going to be in front of you.

Only when you hire a professional service, will you understand how relevancy plays a huge role in the popularity of your website.

Search engines are looking for 4 distinct elements, and they automate everything so that the end user receives the most accurate recommendations. Relevancy is determined through a variety of structures.


They are as follows:

Unique Content (Evaluating Duplicates Etc.)

Every website that is put online requires unique content filled out. Without putting up information that is relevant to your industry, you will not see major returns on your investment.

Everything that has text on your site, in the code, and more, has to be detailed in a way that search engines can easily flow through them automatically. If anything is duplicate (with the exception of HTML), and it’s blatant, you will be penalized. 100% unique contextual data is what SEO is for and without it, delivering targeted hits will become impossible.

Technical Elements (Loading Times)

professional-seo-chalkboardHow fast does your site load? Does it break the browser? Are you using iframes? In the past, web design and formatting was a sloppy mess. You couldn’t get moving forward very easily.

In fact, most designers could hack together a site with a few lines of code and fingers crossed. Today, if you want to rank high within the search rankings, you absolutely need to ensure that the technical site of your site is up to par with the principles of any search engine you want to comply with.

As a good rule of thumb, all links should work, images should be optimized for the web, and the content should not be obstructed with advertising or anything else.

Recommendations (Backlinks)

When you set up a site, you may not have any links pointing to it, but over time you can start to build up a fan base of other pages that will link to you directly.

That’s something that every website needs, as it is an authoritative relationship that is formed. When your page gets a link from a site that search engines deem high on their list.

The more references and backlinks you can get, the better, but only if they are from relevant, highly trafficked, unique websites.

Bounce Rate

Some search engine optimization services will argue that this is not the big difference maker, but it most certainly is a factor you absolutely need to consider.

images-4If you’re getting 100,000 visits from search results, and your site’s bounce rate is 90%, which means people are hitting your page and leaving right away.

You don’t want people to leave, you want them to stay, explore and use your site’s information for their needs. If you can’t give the end user relevant information to what they are looking for, then your page fails to meet the standards of search engines today. It’s that simple.

The aforementioned 4 pieces are good to have on any website that you plan on making. However, if you have launched and you’re not sure how to go backwards, then it’s imperative to hire search engine optimization services that can help you tackle each component with relative ease.

How to Perform SEO Auditing

Here’s the thing: SEO Auditing is crucial. Sure, you already have spent lots of time and effort on your pages, but it wouldn’t hurt to check how your pages are doing by performing SEO Audits.

With the help of seo company, you can be sure that you didn’t just put content out there without checking them afterwards. For this, SEO Explode will help you out by doing the following:

Analyze Indexability and Accessibility

They check whether or not your site—and your content—are really showing up on search engines. This involves a number of steps, and they are as follows:

SEO auditCheck Robots.TXT. This would help you see if you have not blocked crawlers. This way, you’d know if agents and certain keywords such as SEO Explode inc have been blocked, and determine why the amount of traffic you’re getting is the way it is. It would also be helpful if you could check Google Webmaster to see if it has banned any URLs. In this case, you should also check for the number of indexed pages that you have on search engines.

Examine XML Sitemap. Check if the sitemap is being constantly updated, and if it’s fully functioning. The sitemap should contain pages that are relevant to your site and your keywords. If your site is, there shouldn’t be anything about Barbie Dolls, especially if you have not blogged about those.

Check Redirects and 404 Errors. It’s so annoying when people visit a website—that it’s working but not showing up online. What you can do is check for scripts that are not working, and tweak them.

Check Web Development. See if your content is taken well by your theme—and by all of the designs on your site. Some themes just don’t work well with text, so make sure that you do something about it.

Evaluate On-Page Ranking Factors

You have to make a rundown of factors that are involved in its ranking. These are:

on-page-ranking-factorPage Content. You have to ask whether you have several pages of articles that are pretty much just talking about the same thing, or are there any other articles on the site that are just rehashes of earlier articles. You have to know if you have used keywords right.

Proper Headlines. Have you used headlines that could really generate clicks and views? Have you used headlines that get people’s attention? What about your subheadings? Are they relevant, too?

Site URLs. Does your URL contain keywords? Is it dynamic?

Meta Tags. Say you’re offering affordable SEO services, have you used the right Meta Tags? Have you used tags that will really bring readers to your site?

Outbound Links. You should have at least 1 outbound link for every 500 to 1000 words of text. Make sure that these are dofollow links for them to be relevant.

•JavaScript, Images, etc. Check if your images have ALT tags and have proper titles. These are as important as text in your content because they make the content whole—and help gain the attention of your readers.

Evaluate Off-Page Ranking Factors

Of course, you also have to check how your content is doing in other areas of the web. For this, you have to check for the following:

Rank in Recognized Ranking Services. Of course, if you want people to know about your Search engine optimization company, you have to check if there are actually ways for them to see it—and it all starts with search engines. The number 1 search engine is definitely Google—so it’s important for your site to show up on the first page because what people see there are pretty much what they open and rely on. You could use Google Algorithm tools, as well as tools that could check for your rank in other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Quality and Number of Backlinks. Quantity and quality could come together when it comes to backlinks. This means that when checking for backlinks, you have to know whether or not the backlinks have come from reputable sites—meaning they are from your niche; if there are any backlinks from sites that are considered spam or toxic; if you have nofollow links overriding the dofollow links; if backlinks come from unique domains, or if they come from the same one, and; if the backlinks actually have anchor texts on keywords.

Social Media Presence. This is an easy way of knowing how much people know you. Are they talking about you on social media sites? Is there a proper hashtag for your content? Do you have a lot of followers who actually retweet, reblog, or share your posts? You have to check so that you could make improvements if you’re not getting the desired results.

Compare with the Competition

And of course, don’t forget to think about your competitors in the business. You have to check how the public perceives them. You have to know who the public trusts among you.

By knowing how the competition is doing, you could learn from what they did right, and at the same time, you could also learn from their mistakes. Then, you could work on improving the state of your site—and its content, as well.

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