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Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend Isn't Physically Attracted To Me” - The

31 Dec 2013 Not saying you need to date the ugliest person you can find, but . if you're not at all physically attracted to someone, you're not going to have an . I am really bad at estimating other people's intelligence, but I like it if they 

22 Oct 2015 When it comes to dating, men prefer women to be smart, but not too smart. is like having a pet wolf — cool in theory, but not something you'd want in real life. that they would feel comfortable dating someone smarter than themselves, Distance and Relative Intelligence on Men's Attraction to Women.

After all the emphasis is on INTELLIGENCE, not on arousal. Thank you in advance for anyone who would bother to answer! If the person claims to be sapiosexual and is physically attracted to and aroused No matter how good looking the lady is, if she can't have an intelligent conversation, I wouldn't want to date her.

Not listening to your intuition is what most likely got you in this dating predicament in the I'm no longer looking to fix, change, or save anyone nor restore their faith in .. than be fodder to other people insulting my intelligence and my feelings.